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Physician’s Practice: Utilizing and implementing data to improve quality of care

One of the greatest and mostly costly areas of variation that physicians control is the selection of the drugs and devices used to treat patients. Lumere recently surveyed nearly 300 physicians to gain insight into what drives their perceptions of clinical variation and the factors that influence their choices of drugs and devices. The results were clear: Physicians crave meaningful data related to cost and variation. read more

Becker’s Hospital Review: How Northwell, Banner Health approach formulary management

Health systems' pharmaceutical spending is expected to rise by up to 6 percent in 2019, making effective formulary management more important than ever. In this article, Northwell Health and Banner Health detail their evidence-based approaches to formulary management. read more

RevCycle Intelligence: Physicians Are Supply Chain Champions at Ochsner Health System

Learn how Ochsner, one of the country’s largest independent academic health systems and Louisiana’s largest health system, is engaging physicians and putting them in leadership positions in the supply chain to achieve value in the changing healthcare market. read more

Managed Healthcare Executive: Four Opportunities to Tap into Biosimilar Cost Savings

While some health systems have fully adopted the use of biosimilars, others have been slower due to a range of obstacles. Read on for strategies to overcome the four most common barriers to adoption. read more

Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare: Navigating Medical Device Evaluation Challenges

Evaluating the clinical, cost, and safety benefits of medical devices is more important than ever. Unfortunately, it’s more difficult than ever as well due to factors such as incredibly complex care delivery, the sheer volume of medical devices on the market, an explosion in scientific knowledge, healthcare fragmentation, and the tendency to rely on vendor marketing materials for information. In this Q&A, Gina Thomas, RN, MBA, chief nursing advisor at Lumere, offers her perspective on how healthcare organizations can manage these challenges. read more

Healthcare Purchasing News: Physicians, surgeons should seek common ground with Supply Chain leaders

Is it possible that healthcare is on the verge of bringing more clinical understanding to Supply Chain and financial and operational acknowledgement to physicians and surgeons? Two prominent physicians foresee clinical integration with Supply Chain as one of the next big things in healthcare that will define the coming decade and elevate both professions by the next one. read more

Built In Chicago: 6 Chicago Tech Offices Designed to Inspire

Sure, it’s possible to produce excellent work in a small room with four white walls, but where’s the fun in that? Office spaces should have as much personality as the team members working in them and encourage creativity and collaboration, as well as be indicative of the overall company culture. Take a peek inside the offices of six beautiful Chicago companies and learn about what their teams love most about them. read more