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An IDN achieves $1M in savings by engaging physicians with clinical evidence

  • $700,000 saved on undifferentiated drug-eluting stents
  • Exceeded savings target by 30%
  • Optimized safety for surgical drapes & gowns while saving $250,000

About the Health System

  • Nationally recognized not-for profit integrated delivery network
  • More than ten community hospitals in the Northeast
  • Over 1,500 employed and contracted physicians

Drug-Eluting Stents

The health system had previously acquired drug-eluting stents (DES) through a purchasing coalition, but the coalition’s purchasing strategy no longer aligned with the needs of the physicians at its flagship hospital.

Lumere’s Category Optimization solution provided detailed comparative and evidence-based analysis for the entire DES category. Using this information, the health system was able to demonstrate a lack of differentiation between DES vendors to its physicians and identify the products that best fit their needs.

Thanks to Lumere, all of the information we needed was comprehensively organized and easy to share with our physicians. The time and effort they saved us meant we could move quickly to the vendor negotiation phase and start to see real cost savings.

Surgical Drapes & Gowns

A popular news program’s report on unsafe surgical gowns prompted the health system to review the gowns it used and ensure the community of their safety. The system asked a third party company it had previously used to evaluate clinical devices to validate the safety information. However, the health system received a decade old report and decided to investigate further.

The Lumere research team extensively reviewed clinically equivalent product groups for non-wovens (surgical drapes and gowns) and synthesized the available peer reviewed literature and safety data. The amount of research was “more than one person working for us could do in 2 to 3 years of work,” according to the value analysis nurse leading the initiative.



in total savings


in Drug-Eluting Stent savings


less expensive than target pricing

Category Optimization identified potential savings of $700,000 on a total DES spend of $2.4M. Leveraging the clinical evidence, the system’s supply chain team negotiated vendor pricing that exceeded that target by 30%.

Using the Evidence Insights provided by Lumere, the system was able to address the concerns generating from the news report and confidently validate the safety and efficacy of its non-wovens. The health system additionally decided to move forward with a sole-source contract for all non-wovens, generating a $250,000 cost savings in the process.

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