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Unlock deeper device savings

Apply evidence to your pricing and utilization data

By combining your spend data with clinical evidence, web-based Category Optimization uncovers opportunities and recommends actions about utilization, pricing and device selection to drive savings.

“Lumere provides specific recommendations that are based on the most sophisticated approach to pricing analytics we’ve seen. We’re able to understand how specific product attributes are priced by different vendors, including those we are not buying from today.”

— Associate Vice President, Inova Health System

Looking beyond cost benchmarking

As health systems exhaust the limits of price benchmarking, achieving additional savings requires robust clinical conversations with physicians about product selection and utilization. Unfortunately, hospital leaders lack the resources to make sense of the massive amounts of available evidence and often struggle to compete with biased information from device manufacturers.

As a result, health systems leave over 50% of the savings opportunity untapped.

Unlock new savings based on evidence

Web-based Category Optimization marries deep clinical insights and market intelligence with data directly from your health system to uncover device savings opportunities. All opportunities are customized for your health system, based on spend and volume data from your purchase history.

And because the technology leverages proprietary research, algorithms, and data modeling based on the insight of subject matter experts, you can trust that all recommendations are clinically appropriate and ready for implementation. Each opportunity is delivered with the clinical rationale and a proven playbook of sourcing strategies, vendor negotiation tactics, and key insights required to realize savings.

Category Optimization
+ Measurement

Don’t Take Your Results for Granted

Complement Category Optimization with Measurement. This solution for ongoing tracking and monitoring ensures visibility into any obstacles and verifies that your decisions continue to achieve the clinical and financial results you need.

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