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Care variation reduction and cost management in a value-based world

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Change Is Inevitable.

Unnecessary care variation and overspending are not.

The shift from volume to value is reshaping healthcare delivery, yet many health systems lack the time, tools and information to adapt quickly. Unnecessary care variation continues to drain billions of dollars from the industry every year, and the overuse of exorbitantly priced drugs and devices often goes unchecked.By providing physicians and hospital leaders with evidence-based data, information and analytics they’ve previously lacked, Lumere accelerates their ability to optimize patient care and decrease healthcare’s financial burden.

Revealing Opportunities. Informing Decisions. Guiding Actions.

As leading health systems across the country can attest, our wide range of services and solutions—developed and supported by clinicians, researchers, pharmacists and device experts—has the proven flexibility to meet your most pressing needs.

Pharmacy Solutions

Identify inappropriate utilization, curb escalating spend, and empower physician-pharmacist collaboration.

Device Solutions

Eliminate unwarranted variation and unnecessary costs with a holistic approach to managing device selection and utilization.


Partner with our experts to engage physicians in your most important initiatives and remove the barriers to change.

Administrators & Physicians: Achieving a Common Goal

The Full Range of Spectrum

Our solutions and services are powered by Spectrum — a unique set of capabilities that illuminates the root causes of care variation for drugs and devices and guarantees that clinical evidence is guiding care design.




Physician Focused

We design our solutions to make it easy for physicians eager to improve their performance and make evidence-based decisions. Reliable data, thoughtful design and clinical relevance are foundational to our work.

Integrated Solutions

We provide a single solution suite designed to support best practices and address the entire continuum of variation and cost management needs.

Clinical Foundation

We continuously develop proprietary clinical insights to enable a new era of fact-driven, evidence-based medicine. Our work has helped hospitals understand cost drivers within the clinical context necessary to drive action.

Expert Access

Known for their reliable guidance and innovative approaches, our team of practicing clinicians, researchers, and advisors support transformational change.

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